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What do we do?

Hasani Design Community is a platform that promotes collaboration, providing support, resources, and opportunities by other underrepresented creators & designers who look like them. Want to learn more or get involved with our community? Signup to our Newsletter, and sign up for our WhatsApp, telegram group chat.

The objective for Hasani Design Community is to create a platform where Black creatives & designers can connect with one another and benefit from the hub of knowledge which all of the members can contribute to.

Hasani Design Community aims to assist those who wants to pursue a career in various industries such as design, tech, business and other Creative fields. The community supports its members through sharing experiences, events, ideas, jobs and many other resources to help our members have a more in-depth idea of the industry they are interested in.

With a unique range of members with various backgrounds, the Hasani Design Community benefits from a wealth of diverse and experienced expertise, which is easily shared through the group.

Our vision is to be a platform where successful career stories are built, whilst connecting talented members from a diverse backgrounds.

We also have a Design Directory app called the Hasani Design Directory, where we showcase a list of underrepresented Black creators & Black owned Design agencies – The objective for Business Directory is to create a platform where Black Businesses & Black Designers can connect with one another and benefit from the hub of talent.

This is a place where all of the members can contribute to and provide their services within the Black community in aim to strive for Group Economics which is a vehicle that will generate Black Wealth mitigating the historical inequalities faced in the black community.

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