Learn the Art of Persuasion.

You cannot persuade without understanding how to push and pull people’s emotional drivers.

You as a brand owner are constantly in a persuasion battle with your customers and you must know how to win each and every time.

What are the biggest emotions to play on?

Desire — what do your customers want to run towards?

Fear — what are they running away from? What is their weaknesses?

People will do more to get away from what they are afraid of than run towards what they’ve always hoped for.

This is a key to how you could present your product/service as a solution to combat their fears & insecurities — This is what separates your brand from other brands

Be different! — Become the Black sheep in your niche

Successful brands and digital marketers go against the grain.

They do not conform to standards set by the majority.

They carve their own path in society and that’s why they are so memorable.

They are so many rules when it comes to branding online.

But, none of that matters anymore.


Because if you are doing something in the exact same way as other brands, your brand becomes invisible in a sea sheep.

You must be daring with your brand in order to become memorable, distinct and in a league of your own.

Build strong values and showcase it

Your content should mostly relate to what your brand represents… otherwise it is really hard to tell what your brand stand for.

Having a strong brand message should be translated into all your services and digital products.

Creating a synergy (consistent brand theme) that is greatly executed with your products will help you with your brand’s recognition.

Be memorable – Become larger than life

How many remakes have we seen of your favourite characters just to reveal the newest interpretation of the story? (James Bond or the latest version of Joker) 

There is no point building a brand if you don’t want it to last.

Your Online Presence is a digital asset, your digital real estate and a documentation of your thoughts and ideas.

It is your number one priority to be worth subscribing and become impossible to unsubscribe.

Aim to create a brand, and not a store by selling emotions, identities and lifestyles – Not products. You would want people to emotionally invest in your brand to create brand loyalty, so create a theme around your brand whether it be luxury or minimalist, or adventurous (or just being you).

Use Honesty & transparency to disarm your audience

Having transparency in your brand humanises you.

People don’t buy from brands; they buy from people.

It’s much easier to make money having a personal brand than it is behind an anonymous logo or figure — Put a face / figurehead for your brand

Share your thoughts, your failures, some secret projects you ‘ve been working on, some secrets on how you achieve your goals

Create relationships, share your stories and do what it takes for your customers to become invested in not only you as a brand — but as an extension to their lifestyle

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If you’re not adapting to the very rapidly changing environment of business, you will lose big in this society because times are changing and so are how your customers think and behave. (This book will help you understand what it takes to build your digital empire and provide valuable tips on how to preserve it)

What will be covered?

– CUSTOMER JOURNEY — How customers choose their services online

– How to develop an SEO strategy

– Making the most of your Online Presence

– Showcasing useful tools to conduct your Online Presence strategy

– Importance of Key Performance Indicator (KPI)

– How to optimise your Website speed

– How to build your Digital Empire — Email marketing is still King

– How do you create your Email list empire?

– Blogging 101: Keeping your audience engaged!

– How to establish an Irresistible brand & loyal fan base

– Learn the Art of Persuasion.

– Be different! — Become the Black sheep

– Build strong values and showcase it

– Be memorable

– Use Honesty to disarm your audience

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