• Be personal. Whether your blog is polemical or whimsical, your reader should feel like they are involved in a conversation with a very interesting person 
  • Tell stories. Make them real by locating them in space and time
  • Just like any other web copy – blog readers must be able to scan a posting
  • Posting titles and links are best when they’re meaningful
  • Link to past pieces in your blog – don’t assume the reader is reading every time you post
  • Build trust by providing some information about the author
  • Include a photo of the author
  • Use blogs as a method of building community and empowering your users
  • Tag key words in your blog so that people can find it 
  • Link to other relevant blogs and comments, this will bring more traffic to your blog
  • Blog regularly

Tip –Beware of blogspam. If reader’s can post replies on your blog, make sure there are no unwanted links. 

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