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“I’ve been scrolling through Disney plus since I got it on Wednesday and one of my favourite shows as a kid was RECESS. 


I’ve been enjoying rewatching it and I considered it a waste time until I came across one particular episode…


The Economics Of Recess 


The episode starts with TJ coming back to school after being off sick for a week. 


He comes back to a new economy – Monstickers 


Now everything at school has a price tag and he had no stickers at all. 


So he gets to work dig for the diggers, run some errands for the King to get some cash and he barely made any stickers to have any real fun on the playground. 


He kicks his operation up a notch. 


He starts doing business properly, connecting with people who have power and starts closing deals! 


He splits profits with one of King Bob’s security to watch the door then pays a 2nd grader a few stickers a day to watch the door for him. 


He repeats this strategy with many sticker hotspots around the playground till he has over 300 stickers to purchase all the balls only to rent them out to his peers. 


After becoming a little money hungry…he ultimately apologises for his behaviour swears to never take more than 10% of total stickers being traded. 


The same day, the kids on the playground start trading a new currency. 


His friends ask him if he wants to play but he doesn’t have time for that “it’s time to get to work”. 


Those 10 minutes of Recess were absolute gold and I couldn’t believe how much it taught about the events of today. 


If this episode didn’t teach you anything, you can learn something from the last 30 seconds. 


TJ developed skills and systems that were able to make him money despite the currency on the playground. 


We’re currently going through a pandemic but there are people untouched by this financially and are still making so much money. 


This is the best time to learn a high in-demand skill and either start a brand within successful niches right now or deliver a service for businesses in these niches. 


You can make money right now. 


Yes…it’s different and you may have to change a few things around. 


But one thing remains the same, build highly profitable skills that can always buy you out of brokenness. ” written by @Amaa__Official twitter

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