Note: Working from home is not easy, especially at the start. It takes time getting used to but as long as you build a routine, avoid distractions, and set clear goals for yourself, it is possible to work from home and still be productive.

  1. Office Space

Find or create a space in your house where you can work or use a spare room as an office. Make sure you have a designated work area which is organised, clutter free, and big enough for you to have a desk, chair and other items you will need for work

2. Adequate lighting

Make sure that your workspace has adequate lighting levels to make it easier for you to read and prevent eye strain from squinting when looking at your monitor or laptop.

3. Desk

Having a desk in your workspace is really a no brainer, especially if you need to work on a computer or laptop. You can place your laptop, monitor, keyboard, mouse, stationary and other essentials on your desk so that you have easy access to it whilst you are at work.

4. Breaks

Make sure that you take sufficient breaks so that you are not sitting at your desk all day. Just like a company office, you can incorporate tea breaks away from your desk or home exercises to make sure that you getting movement throughout the day.

5. Noise

Find a good pair of headphones to use. When working from home, sound reduction headsets are invaluable. It is inevitable that you will be faced with distractions and noise, which may come at an inconvenient time such as when you are participating in a virtual meeting.

6. Distractions

Communicate with family and friends and let them know that although you may be working from home, you are still working during normal office hours so they should try their best not to interrupt you. Also avoid going on social media until you have your breaks.

7. Goals

Set a to-do list for yourself, ideally the day before or early in the morning so that you know exactly what you should be working on during the day and how you are going to complete it

8. Self care

Remember to be kind to yourself. You can reward yourself when you complete tasks. Try not to beat yourself up if you don’t manage to finish everything you aimed to do in one day. Just make a realistic plan going forward on how you are going to get it done.

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